Brian Gawlik


Algorithmic artist creating digital art with code. My work is often, but not always, in the style of photorealism. I use algorithms to draw trees, birds, and powerlines among other things.

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City Out There

Bout To Rain (Jan/Feb '24)

The world turns a certain shade of turquoise when it's about to rain.

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Campus (Jan/Feb '24)

I sat there a lot, outside of the Main Building. Between the hard surface of the wall and the Texas heat, it was never comfortable, but I always preferred it over simply going home. At least if I sat there, in the open, the Universe had access to me and theoretically something interesting could happen.

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Wildfires Haze (Jan/Feb '24)

As I was getting ready to move to New York last year, there was a rather crazy week during which NYC was covered in heavy orange smog from Canadian wildfires. Part of me questioned the move, wondering to what extent NYC was an attractor for apocalyptic episodes.

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Trees For Sale (Jan/Feb '24)

Somethin' about this tree. Might wanna take it home.

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Siding No. 1 (fall 2023)

This piece emphasizes the use of generative textures. The siding of the house, in particular, is all generated with code. The wood grain texture on each slat is generated and applied individually to the slat areas. Even the shape of each slat is generated to have a subtle noisy edge. There are no perfectly straight lines in the real world. The crack on the green wall utilizes the same noisy-line algorithm, but is made much more prominent. NFT on objkt

Sky Through Lush Lines

StLL #3 (fall 2023)

Emphasis on haze and grain. NFT on objkt

Astoria Cross Sign (summer 2023)

When I lived in Queens. NFT on objkt

Birds on the Line (early 2023)

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Bus Stop (early 2023)

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Sky Through Lush Lines #1 (early 2023)

This is the first piece I did in my hybrid, generative-meets-photo-editing workflow.
This piece is currently owned (as a non-fungible token) and is not available for print. NFT on objkt